Alice Cooper was a legit gay/bi/pan ally back in the 70s!

“I think in the future everyone will be bisexual. And everything would be so much simpler then – you’d just make love with anyone you liked, and it wouldn’t matter what sex they were, and maybe it also wouldn’t matter what color they were, or what age, or anything, except that you liked them.”

This is Klaus Nomi!

My favorite part of the music fest is never the music.

Have you ever gone to, say, Six Flags over Texas, but you get bored of the lines and all the roller coaster queasiness, and you end up spending an hour shooting hoops at one of the carnival booths, or playing Street Fighter II in the arcade? You’re at a special place, but you’re doing something […]

Rep. John Lewis is a BADASS!

He has this look on his face like “Ha! I’ve been drinking water, but you racist cops will soon be gulping down your own shame, a shame reflected in the eyes of your children and their children for the rest of your life! P.S. I’m going to be a Congressman for most of the people in Atlanta! And I’m going to be in graphic novels!”

Beverly M. Collins returns to A Rrose in a Prose this Sunday!

It’s been too long since Beverly M. Collins graced us with her presence! But at long last, this hard working, award-winning poet is back, and we couldn’t be more pleased to see her sharing her words with you, dear Rroses, and with the Echo Park Rising crowd, ZZyZx WriterZ, and more! Originally from New Jersey, […]

Los Angeles Word Salon this weekend in Echo Park, featuring D. M. Collins

My new buddy Seven Dhar and I are gonna be closing this event, but there are so many great things happening within it, and YOU could be a participant! So get to this address by 6 p.m., Sir or Mim: 1836 W Sunset Blvd. LA 90026

An NRA big-wig named Charles L. Cotton is blaming the Charleston shooting on one of its victims. Because he’s a horrible, vile, delusional person.

I can understand a gun nut like Ted Nugent saying something offensive and cruel in the wake of Wednesday’s brutal shooting murders of nine innocent churchgoers and clergy in Charleston. That’s what he does. But who is this guy, Charles L. Cotton? And why is he blaming one of the victims, former South Carolina State […]

I found out at my orgy that Kirk Cameron was right!

My hat’s off to Kirk Cameron and his banana theory. There is an intelligent designer!

Take a chance on Erasure!

If you don’t love at least a little bit of Erasure, you deserve to be dragged into the street and chopped into tiny pieces by mannequin babies that have been wished into life by satanists and now wield dull hatchet blades…


Every time I go brush my teeth, every time I go pick up my dog’s poo from the living room, it’s like I’ll be in New York in the early 70s with these gender-bending beauties.

William Mitchell – may your rest in peace.

In hearing of his passing, I couldn’t help but think to 2008, when another friend of our extended bohemian community, Gina Marx, had gone missing. Many thought she had taken her own life, or come to a violent end. And it was William Mitchell who did the legwork to actually find her, and to let us know she was okay.

A Rrose in a Prose is gonna be curating at L.A. Zine Fest!

Yep! At next weekend’s biggest L.A. Zine Fest ever, A Rrose in a Prose will be hostin’ with the mostin’, bringing you some fine fine music-oriented authors of zines past and very past, who will be reading some of their pivotal early works: David Markey (We Got Power! Films) Kim Cooper (Esotouric’s Secret Los Angeles, […]

I’m “queer?”

Okay, so let’s talk about the term “queer.” How do you feel about its use as a self-identifier, as the “Q” in LGBTQ? I’ve noticed that it’s gendered: many of my female friends identify as queer, whether or not they seem to date other women. Yet guys like myself who are generally straight but occasionally […]

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