accidental marketing poem: “acai beans”

I just received an amazing email at my day job that, when you clear out the clutter, is actually a beautiful poem! Aside from breaking up the sentences a bit, and removing any strange links that might take over your computer and swallow your soul, I haven’t rearranged a single word or changed a lick […]

“The State of Nature”

“The State of Nature”   Don’t trust the truster. Yet distrust disappoints in not disappointing. And we’re all humans, all men normal, all women wanting freedom. You can’t hoard freedom and be free. A philosopher’s slave once took this dictation: My freedom ends where your freedom begins. All are enemies, our only hopes. When we […]

“The Question”

I was at a great workshop regarding “the feminine” and femininity this weekend, and got several workable poems out of it. Here’s one.   “The Question” I was young. I loved. And so I didn’t ask. I was afraid you’d fear me, Or I’d fear your response. Now I am not young. And I do […]

also at A Rrose in a Prose today: Corey Saucier!

We are so excited to bring a brand new face to today’s A Rrose in a Prose (among many new faces): Corey Saucier! Corey Saucier is a Lyrical Philosopher and a Black Queer Christian Poet, Author, and Playwright.  He is a Los Angeles Native and was a Lambda Literary Emerging LGBT Voices Fellow in Non-Fiction […]

Five Poems in Five Days, Day 19: The Marathon

I wrote this during an exercise on Sunday’s poetry salon at Beyond Baroque, led by Emily Clark.   The Marathon Religious concepts say love must be pure. Though secular, you find the concept wise: to find a love and make that love endure, a marathon, with life-long love the prize. And so a few false […]

Five Poems in Five Days

I needed an excuse to push my ADD to the limit and take on a NEW task! Here’s my first example.

“Manchester and Vermont” – an exquisite corpse.

here is the exquisite corpse we created at last month’s amazing event. It’s written by virtually everyone who was in attendance at A Rrose in a Prose last month, and it goes from dark to political to comic. It’s almost like life in reverse!

an exquisite corpse: “A Slip of Something Clever”

On February 8, our crew met at Stories Books for a damned fine A Rrose in a Prose. Today we’re having another one, so this exquisite corpse from February is going up just in time, I hope, to whet our appetite for the Dadaist venture we’re oh so soon to face! Happy Daylight Savings’ Time …

Poem for Nikol

Waterboard instead of slip n’ slide makes one get wet & wild.

Liberation Day

I would not own you. But how you love a uniform.

Sally Boozar R.I.P.

Somehow the email chain we had started with L.A. RECORD never completed itself, and she never did write anything for us. And she never came to A Rrose in a Prose. And she never will.

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