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Why are conservatives such whiny snowflakes who hate free speech and want to limit the free market?

Conservatives seem to be constantly griping and complaining about all kinds of slights and perceived injustices. Some of them even actively try to shout down voices that they disagree with on issues of, gasp, social justice, or even who simply hurt their feelings.

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Rep. John Lewis is a BADASS!

He has this look on his face like “Ha! I’ve been drinking water, but you racist cops will soon be gulping down your own shame, a shame reflected in the eyes of your children and their children for the rest of your life! P.S. I’m going to be a Congressman for most of the people in Atlanta! And I’m going to be in graphic novels!”

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Elana Pritchard: best embedded journalist of our time?

We need more of this kind of journalism! Artists, keep drawing it like you see it.

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Happy Bisexual Pride Day! Are you one of us?

“Gay” looks like a large nation state, and “straight” looks like a whole continent, but “bi” is sort of like a sexual Micronesia.

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New Rrose on Sunday: Nancy Lynée Woo

We’re excited to invite Nancy Lynée Woo to the A Rrose in a Prose stage Sunday, for the first time ever! Nancy Lynée Woo is a 2015 PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellow, and founding editor of social justice literary press Lucid Moose Lit. She is currently working on a collection of poems about her […]

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Jessie Jones interview up on L.A. RECORD

This was a fun one: an interview with my old pal, Jessie Jones, who I first met seemingly yesterday when she was a teenager, a member of Feeding People, and now have to stand back and admire as a full-grown solo artist! Truth be told, the interview we did at Sage to prepare for this […]

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I made a video for the #StillBisexual Twitter-y YouTube video campaign thingie. The music is by the delightful Kyle Souza.

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John Oliver, I love you.

I’m glad someone is preaching the healing truth about how fucked up our federal, state, and local governments have become, and how we’re making billions of dollars for private companies at the expense of the poor, and even at the expense of government. Thank you, John Oliver.

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Voter Guide – November 4 (for my L.A. peeps)

Sure, I may be too lazy to re-register in my proper neighborhood, and I worry that I might even get disenfranchised because of it. But that doesn’t mean I’m too lazy to do the hard research on today’s election! Actually, I got quite a bit of help from some friends at a “prop party” where […]

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do ghosts have term limits?

Daniel M. Collins the registered voter is no more. Did he pass away? Was he stricken from the records? Did some well-meaning do-gooder decide that he must be a ghost, flitting about in an alternate present where he still caught the Gold Line to work in Pasadena every morning, while meanwhile a totally different loser with different problems was living in the same house and casting votes using the same address, and the whole thing didn’t make sense?

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I’m “queer?”

Okay, so let’s talk about the term “queer.” How do you feel about its use as a self-identifier, as the “Q” in LGBTQ? I’ve noticed that it’s gendered: many of my female friends identify as queer, whether or not they seem to date other women. Yet guys like myself who are generally straight but occasionally […]

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