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Jessie Jones interview up on L.A. RECORD

This was a fun one: an interview with my old pal, Jessie Jones, who I first met seemingly yesterday when she was a teenager, a member of Feeding People, and now have to stand back and admire as a full-grown solo artist! Truth be told, the interview we did at Sage to prepare for this […]

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Bush’s judicial legacy

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we’ll soon be seeing an about-face on the concept of “legislating from the bench,” a practice that Bush and the Republicans adamantly talked shit about for the last eight years.  Unfortunately for them, on a Federal level, that’s about the only place they’ll be legislating for a […]

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Elvis is still the King!

I know, I know, the Beatles were better at the music, the Beach Boys were better at major sevenths, Chuck Berry was better at the lyrics, and Little Richard was better at falsetto.  Carl Perkins was better at being down-home, Billy Lee Riley was better at crazed-cat rockabilly, Buddy Holly was better at bringing pop into […]

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Tycho Brahe is not a train set!

my brotha, the Brahe! Today’s re-discovery of the space-light phantasma-echo of Tycho Brahe’s supernova (originally discovered in 1572) has sent me into a whirlwind of post-mortem mania over Tycho’s total awesomeness!  This is the Renaissance man for me!  Not only did he use meticulous observation (without a telescope) to determine that the stars were not […]

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