Every time I go brush my teeth, every time I go pick up my dog’s poo from the living room, it’s like I’ll be in New York in the early 70s with these gender-bending beauties.

Ron Asheton RIP

Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton was found dead today.  He was only 60. Though all obituaries about him will start by mentioning his work with the Stooges, including mine, I think perhaps he’d prefer to be remembered for some of his work without Iggy Pop.  So here it is, a track from his mid-seventies hard rock […]

Obama, don’t flip-flop when it comes to the war.

I was trying to write something lighthearted, to cheer me up after the crushing defeat the Democrats brought upon themselves and us today when the Senate voted for the FISA bill.  The thought struck me after reading the words of Howie Klein and company on Crooks and Liars that there’s another former musician/music curator, namely […]

everybody’s old stuff is better

I’ve always harbored a secret affection for Meat Loaf (and not just for his role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show), but then I saw this: See that band, “Popcorn Blizzard?”  That’s Meat Loaf’s first band.  Yep, Meat Loaf opened for the Stooges and the MC5!  I also just learned that he sang on a Ted […]

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