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Alice Cooper was a legit gay/bi/pan ally back in the 70s!

“I think in the future everyone will be bisexual. And everything would be so much simpler then – you’d just make love with anyone you liked, and it wouldn’t matter what sex they were, and maybe it also wouldn’t matter what color they were, or what age, or anything, except that you liked them.”

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I’m in the Fringe Cabaret fashion show tonight.

I’m doing the music/sound effects/space-folk vibes for a very psychedelic, lightly theatrical variety show this month. And tonight there’s an event featuring taste tests from all the plays and productions involved in the larger Hollywood Fringe Festival that our production is a part of. There will be zombies and models and feathers and possibly even […]

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It’s true! Science says bisexuals ARE sluttier!

Okay, that’s not really what science says. I’m just looking at one study, and what it’s really trying to get at is whether sexual preferences regarding gender, among other things, affect your outlook on the benefits and detriments of monogamy. Now, this study has some limitations. It also has only 16 questions in its survey, […]

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Is Sherlock Holmes an “alpha male?”

Holmes isn’t interested in courting a merry gang of inferiors, be they guys or gals. He certainly doesn’t want to convince some woman that she’s stupid unless she gives up her thinly-scripted life to follow him. He likes his women like he likes his adversaries—cunning, challenging, rare …. and equal!

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Father Damocles plays with Tommy Chiffon tomorrow night!


At the PARK BAR AND GRILL: 2007 W. Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506

Friday, June 1, 2018

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is voted the “most hipster city” in the world!

I used similar methodology to the “Oklahoma City is the biggest loser city in the world” theorem. It’s based on the fact that Oklahoma City is such a loser, if there was a contest for biggest loser city, it would come in second.

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how would I deal with a fanatical SJW?

I’d be like “I’m so sick of your loud cries based on the love of your fellow humans! When will you just accept that we should all value your opinions, based as they are on facts and fairness?!?”

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you know who I’d really like to have sex with?

Noddy. A young Noddy Holder from Slade. He could just loosen his braces, slip the plaids down a bit, make me “feel the noise,” then hoist things back up and just go right back to rockin’. It’s all good by me. I’m going to bet good money that when he pulls down his britches, batches […]

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Bisexuality, Personal Shit, Sex

“How do I know if I am truly bisexual or just experimenting?”

I want to start my answer to this question on Quora by making a confession. I’ve been an out bisexual for years, have had relationships with men and women and non-binary people publicly and sexually, and am even a bisexual activist who made a video in the #StillBisexual video series. Given how gung-ho I am about digging […]

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why we all need to pay for schools

You’ll be spending your last few precious moments drinking poo blood, all because you were too lazy to pay taxes to help educate the generations that followed you.

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the Bee Gees and the suicide bridge

Summer’s almost here. So who’s up for donning some white turtlenecks, going under the suicide bridge that leads to Pasadena and recreating this pivotal moment from back in the psychedelic 60s?

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“Why Do Conservatives Hate Free Speech?” Part II

Rather than relish the opportunity to open up a debate on the nature of his hat, rather even than call over a manager to complain, this 22-year-old Trump fan straight up called the cops and got these employees suspended. Whatever happened to the free marketplace of ideas?

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Personal Shit

What are ten interesting facts about me?

I was 12 years old, on top of that big wall with Mao’s portrait on it, and me and my folks were waiting there to see Gorbachev’s motorcade drive by. He never made it, and then the guards kicked us off the wall when things started to get crowded in the square.

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