What is the relationship between language, society, and culture?

I started writing a quick response to this question on Quora, but somehow it turned into a full essay. Let me know if I got it right in the comments. What is the relationship between language, society, and culture? Language can bind people together like nothing else, even if it is imposed from one culture […]

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my response to a really old theneedledrop video

As much as any nerd and music critic, I’m aware of and generally enjoy Anthony Fantano’s music review videos. I haven’t seen ’em all, and I don’t always agree with him or feel a need to obsess about the music he obsesses about, but that’s to be expected–he’s got hundreds if not bajillions of videos. […]

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the clergy helps science by electrocuting monks

If you’re a liberal SJW snowflake like me, you probably think of the Catholic church as a place of secrecy, oppression, and shame, where Nazis are ferreted to safety while Galileo is put under house arrest. Then again, Catholic priests and nuns have been at the forefront of all kinds of amazing scientific discoveries, from […]

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