Will the NRA and Gun Rights Activists lose a major portion of white voters and Republican politicians if blacks become armed?

This is a blog post dedicated to white gun owners who quiver in fear that any kind of gun control laws, no matter how meek and mild, might be implemented. Your fears may soon be coming to fruition! And to explain why, first let me start with this slightly dated clip from The Daily Show: […]

An NRA big-wig named Charles L. Cotton is blaming the Charleston shooting on one of its victims. Because he’s a horrible, vile, delusional person.

I can understand a gun nut like Ted Nugent saying something offensive and cruel in the wake of Wednesday’s brutal shooting murders of nine innocent churchgoers and clergy in Charleston. That’s what he does. But who is this guy, Charles L. Cotton? And why is he blaming one of the victims, former South Carolina State […]

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