Blagojevich defies all reason and logic and appoints Roland Burris to replace Obama for Illinois’s Senate seat

Arg!  This makes me so mad!  What good does it to do Blagojevich to appoint Roland Burris now, at a time when the corruption charges leveled agaisnt Blagojevich ensures his nomination will never see a seat in the Senate honored? Former State Attorney General Burris isn’t a terrible choice, and he’s a choice that Governor Blagojevich could […]

where the fuck were you when we needed you?

This comment on a recent photo essay in LAist about the No on 8 protest sums up exactly what’s going on in my mind. What Ross hinted at is that yes, goddam it, where was this mass energy when we needed it? We’ve been living in a conservative, er, cesspool for years, yet for some reason, most […]

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