Celebrities, SJWs

a question for Jordan Peterson fans

If you like Jordan Peterson, do you agree with his theory that SJWs are a new form of communism? Jordan Peterson has more than once argued that “Social Justice” advocates are basically rebranded communists. The below is just one example of his conflating “neoprogressive social justice” methods with being a “Marxist comprehension of the world.” […]

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Bisexuality, Personal Shit

what does “bisexual” mean to me?

A lot of prejudiced people think that ALL bisexuals are amoral, perverted, slutty people who want to “have it all” and won’t commit to anyone or anything. And to those people I say: We’re not all like that! … I mean, I totally am. But I’m only slutty, perverted, and amoral in situations that start with […]

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