Brutus and Cassius REDEEMED!

Dante is comparing our boys to the most violent, blasphemous things you can think of and saying, “Nope, these guys are eviler! They’re worse than cannibals who eat babies while dressed as priests saying the Lord’s Prayer backwards.”

Was Brutus really Julius Caesar’s son?

For while he was still a young man, as it seems, Caesar had been intimate with Servilia, who was madly in love with him, and he had some grounds for believing that Brutus, who was born at about the time when her passion was in full blaze, was his own son.

Helping Kids With Homework Pt. II: The Setting of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Saw another question on Quora the other day that clearly was from a young kid trying to finish their homework by getting some well-meaning nerds to write it for them–y’all know how hard it is to even open an actual book, much less write down what it says! I figured I’d help the kid avoid […]

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