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I almost feel guilty. But Jason Heath, your record earned this…

Hey, dude, Jason, when you find yourself in a studio doing things like smoothing out the shrillness of an accordion line and making sure the snare drum isn’t too bombastic, it might be wise to take a step back and make sure you’re not ironing out the peaks and valleys and leaving us with nothing but Kansas. (Do I mean the state, or the band? It doesn’t matter.)

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my Mountain Cult review needs an explanation…

… guys (and I’m talking to you, Mountain Cult), when I say the word “retarded,” I mean it with the utmost praise. I love it.

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my return to the Garage, AKA the Virgil

Tonight I am DJing an event with dublab at the Virgil. For those who know me, I used to DJ every week at the Garage, many, many years ago, and then had a set once a week at dublab. So for me, DJing a dublab event at the Virgil is a super double-backed reverse return to my much younger self!

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A Rrose Is a Rrose – A Feather Boa of Words for the Drab Throat of L.A.

A Rrose Is a Rrose has everything, from poetry to confessional autobiography to music criticism to a marvelous idea for a new video game.

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Interview: The Shrine

I can’t listen to these guys without slapping my knees and looking like an idiot, yet I don’t care. This is music I listen to best when wearing a vest with buttons on it.

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