Los Angeles is voted the “most hipster city” in the world!

I used similar methodology to the “Oklahoma City is the biggest loser city in the world” theorem. It’s based on the fact that Oklahoma City is such a loser, if there was a contest for biggest loser city, it would come in second.

Voter Guide – November 4 (for my L.A. peeps)

Sure, I may be too lazy to re-register in my proper neighborhood, and I worry that I might even get disenfranchised because of it. But that doesn’t mean I’m too lazy to do the hard research on today’s election! Actually, I got quite a bit of help from some friends at a “prop party” where […]

my very, very long interview with Jimmy Espinoza of Thee Midnighters is up at L.A. RECORD.

Read it here. -D. M.  Collins

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