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Nocando at A Rrose in a Prose

Nocando graced us with his presence last month–he recited three rhymes from his past, including this early one. This month’s event is on Sunday, October 21. I hope to see everyone there!

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thank you all so much for coming to A Rrose in a Prose

This month’s A Rrose in a Prose event was so well attended, and it had such amazing readers! If you were in either category today, I feel honored. I’ll post more photos as they come in. Here’s me, Lina, Nocando, and Jean-Paul: Thanks to Lainna Fader for being first to chronicle the moment!

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a new time, a new day for A Rrose Is a Rrose…

… compelled by the spirit of Dadaism, our literature/poetry/memoir/erotica/essay/rant event is now called “A Rrose in a Prose.”

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