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Blagojevich defies all reason and logic and appoints Roland Burris to replace Obama for Illinois’s Senate seat

Arg!  This makes me so mad!  What good does it to do Blagojevich to appoint Roland Burris now, at a time when the corruption charges leveled agaisnt Blagojevich ensures his nomination will never see a seat in the Senate honored? Former State Attorney General Burris isn’t a terrible choice, and he’s a choice that Governor Blagojevich could […]

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McCain loses out at Galco’s Old Time Grocery

Galco’s, the world-famous soda pop stop on York in Highland Park, is my favorite place to get Jolt Cola, Manhattan Specials, and the hottest ginger ale known to man.  That’s why I was pretty shocked, and a little hurt, to walk in earlier today and see shelf upon shelf of this soda:       […]

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Will the Republicans rig the election in McCain’s favor?

Reading this recent interview with Greg Palast, I have to come to terms once again with the grim but true fact that Republicans are rigging EVERY possible county’s election that they can in this country, using the political bulimia of binge and purge to make sure Dems’ votes don’t count.  The Rethugs did it in Florida […]

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