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WordPress sucks when it comes to poetry.

This blogging tool wants its own paragraph formats and line breaks, and to hell with creative choices and single spacing!

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Zara Kand at A Rrose in a Prose – December 16

Zara Kand is a rock star–so it seems appropriate that I’m up front there, holding the microphone stand for her like some kind of roadie (I never seem to buy mike stands, only quasi-inherit them through someone else’s laziness). I think my favorite part of this video is the image of precious gems on fingertips… […]

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… and a wonderful time was had by all!

I gotta figure out next month’s lineup very soon–feel free to let me know anyone you think might fit the bill!

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A Rrose Is a Rrose rose to the occasion!

Thanks to everyone who read yesterday, and to Erin West and the Hedgehog for hosting! We will definitely be doing this again, so stay tuned.

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“Sleeves Where Legs Should Go” at the Down n Out Lit Fest I

Here is me, downtown at the Last Book Store, reading a poem that I was convinced might never see the light of day again.

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“Sleeves Where Legs Should Go”

Today I did a reading at The Last Bookstore, along with some other talented folks: Justin Maurer from the Clorox Girls, Gabriel Hart from Jail Weddings, Kenneth Sonny Donato of A Poet’s Guide to the Bars, Jean-Paul Garnier of Loopool, Gitane Demone from Christian Death, James Carman from Images, Marianne Stewart from White Murder, and […]

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