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tips for forming a nu metal band

As a once popular artist within the nu metal genre myself, I thought I’d be in a great position to tell this person exactly what to do and where to go.

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my answer to a now-deleted question on Quora

I had fun answering this question on Quora, but in the middle of trying to add photos to my response, the folks at Quora removed it. Yeah, it was a weird, racist-y troll question, but I think I had a really good answer. Here it is. Did Armenians lose their ancient land, Antarctica, to penguins? […]

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Bisexuality, Personal Shit, Sex

“How do I know if I am truly bisexual or just experimenting?”

I want to start my answer to this question on Quora by making a confession. I’ve been an out bisexual for years, have had relationships with men and women and non-binary people publicly and sexually, and am even a bisexual activist who made a video in the #StillBisexual video series. Given how gung-ho I am about digging […]

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Education, Healthcare, Politics, Rants

why we all need to pay for schools

You’ll be spending your last few precious moments drinking poo blood, all because you were too lazy to pay taxes to help educate the generations that followed you.

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Bisexuality, Gay and Lesbian stuff

How gay am I, really?

For me to fit on this scale, you’d need to replace Freddie Mercury with David Bowie (and for some reason Annie Lennox is there, too, but she’s got Bladerunner makeup on).

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Donald Trump, Sex

open letter on Quora to a man filled with the pride of Donald Trump

Please make sure to protect yourself, okay? Sure, Trump may be pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but will he pull his “pride” out of you? Remember, this is the guy who said he wanted to “drain the swamp.”

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Helping Kids With Homework Pt. II: The Setting of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Saw another question on Quora the other day that clearly was from a young kid trying to finish their homework by getting some well-meaning nerds to write it for them–y’all know how hard it is to even open an actual book, much less write down what it says! I figured I’d help the kid avoid […]

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Comedy, Personal Shit

the short voiceless “th” sound in the word “thinkrel”

The mass exportation of coffee and coffee substitutes throughout the Mediterranean replaced many local dialects with “Lingua Sanka.” You could say these languages “died in an instant,” though of course many more were brewing.

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Personal Shit

“I’m not a criminal. I’m a good person.”

Incarceration often becomes our litmus test. It’s the dividing line between us, the generally “good” people, and them, the people who did bad things so often that they finally got the punishment they deserve. The danger with this methodology, though, is that staying out of jail is a lot more about luck than skill, about not being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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What is the relationship between language, society, and culture?

I started writing a quick response to this question on Quora, but somehow it turned into a full essay. Let me know if I got it right in the comments. What is the relationship between language, society, and culture? Language can bind people together like nothing else, even if it is imposed from one culture […]

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