A Rrose in a Prose – this weekend at Echo Park Rising!

Are you gonna be there/when I make my mark/at the Risin’? It’s both Saturday AND Sunday at Stories Books, and to miss his will be to miss what can only be described as “Love’s Happening.” Actually it could be described in myriad OTHER ways but you won’t be able to articulate any of them unless […]

photos from A Rrose in a Prose: JUH!

This Sunday’s Rrose in a Prose was an amazing return to form (last month’s was a barbeque, and was also fun, but kind of got a little off-topic amongst all the bands and dogs and cops and foodstuffs). Thanks to everybody who came out, and to everyone who read! It was a real treat. There […]

next A Rrose in a Prose: June 23!

A Rrose in a Prose: JUH! is coming up fast! Be ready, little June bugs…

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