Glam Rock, Personal Shit

you know who I’d really like to have sex with?

Noddy. A young Noddy Holder from Slade. He could just loosen his braces, slip the plaids down a bit, make me “feel the noise,” then hoist things back up and just go right back to rockin’. It’s all good by me. I’m going to bet good money that when he pulls down his britches, batches […]

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Bisexuality, Personal Shit

bisexuality ain’t on no scale

I’ll tell you one thing friends… you know that whole “sexuality is on a scale” argument, with one side being straight and one side being gay and many people falling somewhere between those two poles? Well, actually being bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, sexually fluid, or any of the other terms under that umbrella kind of makes […]

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Donald Trump, Sex

open letter on Quora to a man filled with the pride of Donald Trump

Please make sure to protect yourself, okay? Sure, Trump may be pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but will he pull his “pride” out of you? Remember, this is the guy who said he wanted to “drain the swamp.”

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