It’s not “radical” for revolutionary whites to abstain from voting. It’s selfish, myopic, privileged and dickish.

“If voting really accomplished anything, they’d make it illegal,” your radical friends say? Well they are making it illegal, so tell them to shut the fuck up. And if they, or you, are sitting on a mountain of privilege because you’re white, male, cis, or unlikely to have friends and family affected by ICE or […]

do ghosts have term limits?

Daniel M. Collins the registered voter is no more. Did he pass away? Was he stricken from the records? Did some well-meaning do-gooder decide that he must be a ghost, flitting about in an alternate present where he still caught the Gold Line to work in Pasadena every morning, while meanwhile a totally different loser with different problems was living in the same house and casting votes using the same address, and the whole thing didn’t make sense?

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