L.A. RECORD art show – sneak peak this Sunday at A Rrose in a Prose

Besides our fantastic authors and poets, etc, this Sunday’s A Rrose in a Prose will also be featuring a sneak preview of paintings, drawings, and photos by some of L.A. RECORD’s very best artsy types … Some of it has appeared in print in L.A. RECORD, some of it is at the discretion of the artists, and all of it is pretty damned good (and for sale–including renderings of your favorite bands and albums).

Zara Kand at A Rrose in a Prose – December 16

Zara Kand is a rock star–so it seems appropriate that I’m up front there, holding the microphone stand for her like some kind of roadie (I never seem to buy mike stands, only quasi-inherit them through someone else’s laziness). I think my favorite part of this video is the image of precious gems on fingertips… […]

Rrose in a Prose Dec. 16

If you don’t come down, I will personally rub coal in your face and stuff a candy cane up your chimney.

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